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Welcome home 17.08.2010
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu... 再见 常州 和 中国! 10.08.2010
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 09.08.2010
One of these things is not like the others 08.08.2010
World Expo- Shanghai- 2010 08.08.2010
Everything is an adventure 03.08.2010
In our own little corner of the world 02.08.2010
Chinese Amusement Parks 01.08.2010
American Culture 29.07.2010
Pictures are free, admission is not 28.07.2010
In the land of China, they don't go to Church on Sunday. 27.07.2010
Ta es ein... No, that's wrong. 26.07.2010
Wuzhen and Hangzhou 25.07.2010
包子 22.07.2010
Chinese restaurants 21.07.2010
Oh my Lady Gaga 20.07.2010
What is American culture? 19.07.2010
Our new jobs 14.07.2010
Why American ambassadors have such a hard time 13.07.2010
Essentials for travel in China 12.07.2010
Over the weekend 11.07.2010
Fun things I did yesterday 08.07.2010
A little bit more about China 07.07.2010
Day Two of Classes 06.07.2010
The first few days.... 05.07.2010