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Last night, after my blog entry (I messed with my schedule a bit with that), my family and I took pictures together, since my host dad is leaving town for business tonight and won't be home until after I leave. It's hard to believe that I'm going home so soon. Anyways, that's the reasoning behind the title.

I suddenly remembered the conversation that Cynthia and I had at lunch yesterday. We went out for dumplings, and she wanted to know what I ate in America. So I told her that I ate Mexican food, Thai food, Indian food, Ethiopian food, Italian food, Japanese food, and Chinese food. She was really confused. I was, too, when I thought about it. Then I said that we ate American food, too, like chili and cornbread. That's about as American as you get, right? The thing about China is that most of the food there is Chinese. They have McDonald's and KFC and Pizza Hut and a few Japanese restaurants, but the vast majority is Chinese. In America, at least in most places, that's not the case. We're unique.

I'm having a hard time with this last week. It's interesting. This isn't so much China, but I guess being an exchange student in general, or maybe even just travelling. But I get the feeling that this week is going to be really long. Because we have classes today and tomorrow, and then a final test on Wednesday. Thursday morning we'll have a closing ceremony and then the afternoon is free with our families, theoretically to pack, but it won't take me that long, so I'll have a lot of down time. Our train to Beijing leaves at 10:30 that night and then it's a ten hour train ride, but we don't have beds this time, so we've been told. So we'll have to try to sleep sitting up, which means that there won't be much sleep. Then we get to Beijing and have an orientation on Friday (and hopefully other activities so that there isn't a lot of down time to ponder how much I want to be done travelling). Then on Saturday we'll go to the airport and then we have a 14 hour flight. Much as I love it here and love the people and am enjoying my time here, now that we're down to the wire I just want to skip all of that and be home. Mikaela suggested teleportation. I told her that if she could do that, she had to take me.

Now I'm thinking about all of the things that await me when I get home. The good (my family, friends, my pets, my bed, non-Chinese food...) and the bad (college apps, high school, homework...). It's a really annoying in-between time. I've never really had this problem before. I wonder if it's a common issue after a long trip, or if it's just for exchange students, since we are in a unique position given that we're living with families. I do know that I'm not the only one feeling it. Several of us have discussed it this morning. We either want to be staying longer or we want to be home. But I'll be home soon enough. I've been gone for five weeks. What's one more?

Zai jian everybody! Until tomorrow.

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Transitions are always hard; they seldom turn out quite the way one anticipates. As you've already learned, going with the flow is about the best you can do. We're looking forward to you being home, too.

by AAxworthy

You're right, getting home is NOT "half the fun". But no matter how much you like your trip, when you are ready to go home... YOU'RE READY! So brush away your tears and understand you've got some new friends FOREVER!

by Bob Axworhy

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