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First, I'd like to edit my entry from yesterday a bit. I realized that I explained it wrong. It isn't like going back in time to the American Industrial Revolution, because China is definitely a very modern place, with thousands of years of incredible history woven through (there are still old buildings and things all over). It's more like an industrial revolution of the twenty-first century. That's more what I was going for. I was too tired yesterday to be able to figure out what I wanted to say.

Anyways, I don't know if I've said this, but you could seriously make a movie/sitcom out of our lives here. Honest. Not a day goes by without some sort of adventure. Take yesterday, for example. Yesterday afternoon, we got done with things at a weird time. Chloe had been out of school, but Mikaela and I wanted to go to the supermarket near her house, since we ride the same bus so it was on my way home. We decided to go another day, though, since we only got done about half an hour early and that really wasn't enough time. We didn't want to leave early, though, so we decided to go across the street and down a block to the Gucci mall (I don't know what it's really called, that's just what we call it). The Gucci mall has a lot of brand name stuff on the ground level, but according to our Canadian friend, there is a foreign food court down a little, and Julie Ann told us that if you go up you can get to some cheaper stuff. We decided to explore that. So we went in and found an elevator and hit the '-1' button, since we were on the first floor and wanted to see the food court first. It went up. We shrugged it off and gave up on visiting the food court that day, and hit the highest button, 8, just to see what Julie Ann was talking about. Since she had said "up" we assumed it would be the top floor. People kept getting on and off the elevator, and it didn't take us long to realize that they were all wearing white button-up shirts and black slacks. We both looked down, trying desperately to keep straight faces as the same thought crossed our minds: this was the staff elevator. Oops. Then a boy got on in street clothes, which made us relax a little bit. In any case, when we got to the eighth floor, we basicallly ran out of the elevator, only to look up and realize that there was no merchandise. We were standing in a white hallway with a lot of closed doors that had plaques in Chinese. We turned back to the elevator, both blushing, in time to see the doors open again and the boy in street clothes saying, "Do you need help?" We got back into the elevator, trying to explain what had happened. He laughed and said, "The eighth floor is all offices." "Yeah, we got that." We went to the ground floor and left. Seriously, the simplest things become huge adventures, if you just go with it. We blamed this adventure on Julie Ann, who thought it was hysterical when we told her.

When I got home last night, my family was gone. They warned me last night. They had to go to Shanghai for something. They'll be home today, but a cousin was waiting for me there. She's an English major, so communication wasn't too difficult. She was nice. We chatted, then I studied and went to bed. Today we had a different schedule, though. Our community activity was in the morning. We thought that we were just going swimming. Turned out we had to go to a neighborhood thing first. It was really odd, since all we did was listen to some people talk and then leave. Swimming was really fun, though. It felt so good. So we have class next. I think I'll spend the rest of my computer time seeing if I can check out the common app or even get it started while I'm here. Yippee for college applications! Zai jian!

P.S. We leave for Shanghai and the World Expo tomorrow morning! I'm so excited. But I won't be able to write for a few days. I will when I can, though.

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Beware the "foreign food" court... there's no telling what it really means. By all means, investigate. But carefully. Have a great time at the Expo!

by AAxworthy

Your Dad's comment about western food rang a bell in my mind. After a couple of weeks doing my liquefied gas seminars in Thailand eating some pretty weird stuff, we had the hotel put on a western dinner for our distributor's staff.
barely made it back to Oklahoma before I was laid low by the worst bug I had picked up in my entire 50 years of international travel. Giardia (sp.?) Yep, bottled water served in crystal goblets ...with local ice cubes! (Those silly Americans want ice in everything!)

by Bob Axworthy

You mention Gucci mall ... Is it full of real designer shops? Or is the merchandise all cheap knockoffs? Hong Kong used to be the capital of the cheap designer fashion world. There was a village called Stanley Market which specialized in knockoffs. We always bought a few things there ...

by Shirley

Hi Miranda,

Your letters are wonderful! I know my sister-in-law Lorraine, too, has been enjoying them. Thanks so much for sending them.

Last Tuesday I visited and went out to lunch with your mother, Aunt Sara, Grandmother June, and Babe. June seems to be doing very well. What a treat to be with all four of them!

Keep having a good time. Hope we can get together soon.

With love, B

by Bob Saunders

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